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TWO HOUR TOUR: ( Two JetSki Minimum )
  • Price $349 per JetSki this includes the Tour Guide
  • Lunch over looking the Bay and City
  • Hot Private Showers,Towels,Toiletries
  • Photos on a USB stick of your Adventure
  • Eat with the owners of San Diego Bay Adventures
  • Engage in great conversation, family secrets, learn how it all started?

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Brand New Wetsuits & Private Hot Showers are Available After Your Tour!

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San Diego Jet Ski Rentals
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A Tour Like No Other!

Learn about the United States Navy and its world-class ships like the famous USS Ronald Reagan Aircraft Carrier (Americas Flag Ship) from someone who has actually been a personal guest of Captain Chris Bolt. He has sat in the leather chair in the flight operations center called the BOSS when it launched 9 F18 FIGHTERS on April 9th 2014! After spending a day at sea with the Captain, I was surprised and honored to receive the Captain’s Coin!

There are many secrets spoken about the ship on the Jet Ski Tours! Our Tour is so special that it has attracted people from all over the world. People from every country it seems have been on our tour. Come and see what all the hullabaloo is about with Captain Bruce, and our other amazing Tour Guides

An Amazing Adventure!

  • Reserve your tour now first come first serve. Tours fill up in the Summer don’t get left out!!
  • Each tour can take up to 8 jet skis. Now accommodating groups up to 16!! Please call for details.

Experience an amazing day on the San Diego Bay with our one-of-a-kind Jet Ski tour. San Diego Bay Adventures provides a knowledgeable guide that will point out unusual and amazing sights that many other tours out there miss. San Diego and Coronado are full of naval history, majestic sights, and amazing architecture. This experience includes lunch and we offer comfortable shower facilities and cool refreshments after the tour. Join us for an unforgettable experience by making your reservation today!

San Diego Bay Adventures Tour Stops  San Diego Jet Ski Tours

San Diego Bay Sea LionsSan Diego Jet Ski Tour

Sea Lions are always out and about and one of the main sea life attractions on our tours. Most of the time you can get pretty close but we keep our distance enough not to scare them. You may hear a bark and look around for a dog but it’s actually the sea lions. They have a similar bark like a dog and it’s actually pretty cool. These sea lions stay close in the bay as they feed on scraps from fishing boats and hang out around the live bait docks for any throw aways or stray bait! It’s pretty amazing to be able to be so close to these amazing mammals!

San Diego Jet Ski Tours

US Naval Submarine BaseSan Diego Jet Ski Tour

What better way to round up the tour portion of the day than by visiting Naval Base Point Loma! This wonder consists of seven facilities: Submarine Base, Fleet Antisubmarine Warfare Training Center, Fleet Combat Training Center Pacific, Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR), SPAWAR Systems Center, the Fleet Intelligence Command Pacific and Naval Consolidated Brig, Miramar. These close-knit commands form a diverse and highly technical hub of naval activity. The on-base population is roughly 22,000 Navy and civilian personnel–That’s larger than some towns in the United States! This is one stop you’ll be glad you made

Naval Submarine Base

Fort RosecransSan Diego Jet Ski Tour

Fort Rosecrans (1852-1959) – Established 26 Feb 1852 as the Fort at Ballast Point and renamed Fort Rosecrans in 1899 after Major General William S. Rosecrans (Cullum 1115). Located on Point Loma in San Diego County, California. The military reservation was declared surplus 31 Dec 1949 and transferred to the U.S. Navy Department 1 Jul 1959.

Fort Rosecrans

Point Loma LighthouseSan Diego Jet Ski Tour

Located on the military base at the southern tip of Sunset Cliffs Natural Park. The Old Point Loma Lighthouse stood watch over the entrance to San Diego Bay for 36 years. At dusk on November 15, 1855, the light keeper climbed the winding stairs and lit the light for the first time.

On March 23, 1891, the light was extinguished and the keeper moved to a new lighthouse location closer to the water at the tip of the Point.

Point Loma Lighthouse

USS Carl VinsonSan Diego Jet Ski Tour

USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70) is the third United States Navy Nimitz-class supercarrier and is named after Carl Vinson, a Congressman from Georgia, in recognition of his contributions to the US Navy. The ship was launched in 1980, undertook its maiden voyage in 1983, and underwent Refueling and Overhaul between 2005 and 2009. Carl Vinson’s callsign is “Gold Eagle”.

USS Carl Vinson

Kissing StatueSan Diego Jet Ski Tour

The original image of the moment was captured by photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt on August 14, 1945. J. Seward Johnson is the sculptor of this version, though there has been some debate whether it is actually based on the famous photo. In any event, tourists and old veterans love it, assuming the same pose with a loved one at its base, or just peeking up the nurse’s skirt.

Local art critics were less pleased. The 25-ft. tall “monstrosity” has been criticized as a gaudy and lame imitation of the photo, and an eyesore for the community. The same reaction occurred to a lesser degee in Sarasota, where an identical copy of the statue stands.

Locals, however, love the statue. And right next to it is the Bob Hope memorial plaza, chock full of even more sappy sculptures to irk the critics.

Kissing Statue

The USS MidwaySan Diego Jet Ski Tour

The USS Midway Museum, located in downtown San Diego, California at Navy Pier, is a maritime museum.  Visitors will tour the ship’s bridge, flight deck, hangar deck, mess deck, primary flight control, Tactical Flag Command Center, enlisted and junior officer quarters, the captain’s and admiral’s quarters, sickbay, and an engine room. This city on water is truly breath-taking. Get up close and personal on our wave runners to behold the immense floating masterpiece.

San Diego Bay Adventures has had the privilege and honor to lead and direct Family Fun Day 2014 and 2015 upon the USS Ronald Reagan. Bruce and his wife Gail had the honor of sitting right alongside Captain Chris Bolt. We provided an awesome escort alongside the Reagan as it headed out to sea both years with the jetski’s escort including “Code Name: Johnny Walker” .

USS Midway

HMS SurpriseSan Diego Jet Ski Tour

HMS Surprise was the name the Royal Navy gave to the French Navy’s corvette Unité after her capture in 1796. Launched on 16 February 1794, the ship gained fame in 1799 for the recapture of HMS Hermione, and in 1802 was sold out of the service. To read more on the history of this ship please click on the read more button below.

HMS Surprise

Navy Seal Training FacilitySan Diego Jet Ski Tour

Check out the amphibious base, which houses Commander Naval SurfaceForce, US Pacific Fleet, and is responsible for the training, maintenance and the crews of the approximately 90 ships of the Pacific Fleet and Commander Naval Special Warfare Command, US Pacific Fleet. Additionally, most of the Naval Expeditionary and Naval Special Warfare units of the Pacific Fleet are located here, as well as the famed Navy Parachute Team, the Leap Frogs. The Naval Amphibious Base was renamed in 1946, although it had been in operation as the Amphibious Training Base since 1943. It is host to thirty commands including the headquarters for the Naval Special Warfare Command, a second echelon command which is headquarters for America’s elite maritime special operations forces – the U.S. Navy SEALs and Special Warfare Combatant Craft Crewmen. Naval Amphibious Base Coronado and its adjacent beaches provide training for Navy SEALs, amphibious insertion and other small units. This is a must-see for anyone visiting San Diego.

Navy Seals

Hotel Del CoronadoSan Diego Jet Ski Tour

Hotel Del Coronado is one of the few surviving examples of an American architectural genre: the wooden Victorian beach resort. It is one of the oldest and largest all-wooden buildings in California. It is designated as a California Historical Landmark and is designated as a National Historic Landmark in 1977 as well. When it opened in 1888, it was the largest resort hotel in the world. Hotel Del Coronado has hosted presidents, royalty, and celebrities through the years. The hotel has been featured in numerous movies and books. The hotel received a Four Diamond rating from the American Automobile Association, and was once listed by USA Today as one of the “Top 10 Resorts in the World.” So come on down on one of our Jet Skis to see it for yourself!

Hotel Del Coronado

Coronado BridgeSan Diego Jet Ski Tour

Construction on the San Diego-Coronado Bay Bridge began in February 1967. The bridge was not opened to traffic until August 3, 1969. This was significant in that this date fell on the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the founding of San Diego. The pillars on the eastern end of the bridge are decorated with enormous murals as part of Chicano Park, which happens to be the largest collection of Chicano art murals in the entire world. The colorful and beautiful murals are definitely a sight that will inspire you! This is unlike any bridge you’ve ever seen, and if you haven’t seen it from the water, you will be amazed at what’s awaiting you. This is another site you won’t want to miss, so come prepared to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Coronado Bridge

The Star of IndiaSan Diego Jet Ski Tour

The Star of India is unique in the world, as it is the world’s oldest active sailing ship. The Star first began on the stocks at Ramsey Shipyard in the Isle of Man in 1863. Iron ships were mostly experimental at the time, as most vessels were still being built from wood. Five months after laying her keel, the Star of India was launched into the great open sea. She was named Euterpe, after the Greek muse of music and poetry. We guarantee you won’t want to miss the opportunity to share the waters with this 149 year-old ship, so come on a tour with us to learn more about this amazing ship!.

San Diego Jet Ski Tours

Master and CommanderSan Diego Jet Ski Tour

For the academy award winning film, Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, the filmmakers made a painstaking effort to recreate a 24 gun frigate specific to Great Britain’s Nelson era Royal Navy. The result is a replica vessel unmatched in its authenticity and attention to detail. Surprise found a new home at the Maritime Museum of San Diego in 2004. A popular shoreside attraction, the ship now joins our collection of ships along with the Star of India and Californian. Come see them!

Master and Commander

Coast Guard StationSan Diego Jet Ski Tour

San Diego is headquarters for conducting all Maritime Law Enforcement, enforcing Federal Law including Recreational and Commercial Regulations, Illegal Immigration, and Drug Enforcement from the U.S. border with Mexico to as far north as San Mateo Pt. The station remains on alert, day and night for Search and Rescue, mostly recreation boaters in distress and cruise medivacs. Also, ensuring Homeland Security, the station escorts each cruise ship and some Navy assets entering and leaving San Diego Bay. View the many vehicles used to protect our waters and protect our countries. This include helicopters and a number of different water vehicles equipped to handle just about anything

US Coast Guard
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