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San Diego Bay Adventures – FAQ

IF you have any questions not answered here, please give us a call

1. How much does it cost to rent a jet ski for 1 hr.?

  • $99 1st hr + 10% port fee = $108.90
  • 2nd hr. is $75 so 2hr rental = $191.40
  • includes: Fuel/ lifejacket/ wetsuit/ photo/ drypak for phone
  • San Diego Bay is beautiful place to ride with lots to see… military ships, dolphins, sea lions, Coronado bridge

2. Do you have to haul it/ or trailer the jet ski yourself?

  • No, we are right on the water in a marina.
  • We have parking available

3. Is there a deposit?

  • No, but we will need a credit card to hold your spot for the time slot reserved.
  • If within the 24hr cancelation period they are responsible for that ski, no cancelation the day of.
  • We have a 24hr Cancelation period.

4. What makes us different?

  • The San Diego Bay is very scenic, lots to see, USS Midway ship, Star of India, Coronado Bridge, Bait dock where the sea lions hang out and dolphin pens.
  • Other places have you go in circles, one directions
  • We have wetsuits and wetsuits tops at no additional cost.
  • We provide you with a drypak for your cell phone so you can take photos/video while on the water.
  • We offer very unique tours
  • We take a picture of your group and send it to you via email.

5. Can I rent your jet ski for the whole day?

  • No, we rent for 1 or 2 hr. as there is no place on the bay where you are allowed to beach the jet ski to get on and off.

6. How old do you have to be to drive a jet ski?

  • 18 years of age with valid Drivers license.
  • A 16 or 17 yr. old can drive as long as they have a valid drivers License and are with a parent.

7. How old can passenger be?

  • 6yr. old is youngest and their feet must touch the gunnel when sitting on the seat

8. What should I wear?

  • Swim attire as this is a water sport. Swimsuit for ladies, swim trunks for guys. Leggings are OK

9. How many can you seat per Jet Ski?

  • 2 max. (no 3 seaters) for your safety the weight limit is 350 lb. per ski other jet ski places may allow 3 per ski but we do not.

10. Do you have a Groupon?

  • NO! We do not offer groupons

11. How fast do your jet ski go?

  • They are all Yamaha jet skis & they all go TOO FAST!
  • Our skis are very well taken care of and we want you to have fun but drive at a safe speed.
  • If all they want is SPEED then tell them they may want to check out Mission Bay rentals.
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