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KFMB Mike Slater Show

We are very excited about our new weekly broadcast on the Mike Slater Show on KFMB. We will be adding a new broadcast here each week that you can listen to.
KFMB Mike Slater Show
Mike Slater
      Slater_SD Bay Adventures
      Slater_SD Bay Adventures_051217
      Slater_SD Bay Adventures_051517
      SD Bay Adventures 1
      Slater_SD Bay Adventures_051917
      Slater_SD Bay Adventures_052617
      Slater_SD Bay Adventures_060217
      SD Bay Adventure 6-7
      Slater_SD Bay Adventures_061617
      Slater_SD Bay Adventures_062317
      Slater_SD Bay Adventures_080317
      Slater_SD Bay Adventures_081017
      BUMPER BOATS 0818